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Chels, 22. This is my Doctor Who/Supernatural blog! Eleven will always be my Doctor <3. If you are here from one of my classic film photos, my classics blog is johnhannahs.tumblr.com. Sorry for the current mess this blog is!

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I'm racing to the finish line of a lifetime that's barely started

18-19/?? of Jensen at cons ♥˞(∀`●)

make me choose: @padagirl Meg or Jo

Doctor Who + references in other television shows


Doctor Who meme: 8 planets/times [3/8]

↳ New York in 1930


#Supernatural #it’s funny because they have totally different reactions whenever they get holy water sprayed at them #Dean just looks done #like ‘there we go again’ #while Sam is actually suprised and even offended #like ‘oMG STOP THAT STOP HOW DARE YOU SPRAY THE MAJESTIC MOOSE’